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Yes, we're offshore translators

That is why we can offer you very affordable price

We're quick

We live in Siberia, Russia. Serious time difference between us and Western countries benefits you. You can send your stuff in the evening and see it done in your email when you wake up. Volume matters, but mostly so.

Oral interpreting available

We also do oral interpreting (sequential, not simultaneous). Connect us on Skype or phone to your conference, and you're done. This goes @ $25 per hour.

stellar Performance

We've been a lot in real-life business situations with English-spekaing audience, so our translation is always a live business language. Choose us, folks who know how to translate 'gross margin' or 'bollocks'.

Great Offer

Great pricing, because life is cheaper where we live

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Reasonable price

Normally we charge $0,03 per word for translations.

It makes typical A4 page costing about $12-15 to translate (depends on font size).

Our Features:

  • $0.03 per word - translations
  • $25 per hour - oral interpreting - also available
  • Pay-when-done, no upfront payments
  • No minimum order, allowing to build up to $200 of services delivered
  • Also, airport pick-up service is available in Novosibirsk

We Deliver

Read what our satisfied customers are saying

  • customer

    ...exceptional in quality and always done faster than expected.

    - Miro Kefurt, President, Mirox Corportation
  • customer

    ...worked closely with Sartori for 2 years and has proved an invaluable partner.

    - Clive Langham, Director, Sartori Ltd

Top Notch Service

We truly believe our service is great.

This is why we offer you no-risk pay-when-done translation services.

You totally pay AFTER the job is done. This is indeed no-risk offer.

Got stuff to translate? Email us right now and we contact you back.